A fact that deposits form in every fuel system

GDI engines are particularly prone to rapid build-up of fuel deposits because they’re never cooled or washed with fuel.  Deposits can form in as few as 5,000 to 10,000 miles, restricting proper airflow and increasing engine operating temperatures.  These harmful fuel deposits cause a variety of problems, preventing your vehicle from operating properly.  Unlike common fuel additives that are diluted into fuel before reaching critical fuel system components, GDI IVD Intake Valve Cleaner from CRC Industries is sprayed directly into the air intake system.  This powerful cleaner hits the back of the intake valves at 150 times the concentration of premium fuel additives.  Intake Valve Cleaner is proven to remove up to 23% of carbon build-up in the first hour of use.  It works in all gas-powered engines, not just GDI.  When using Intake Valve Cleaner from CRC, time consuming and costly engine teardown is no longer required to clean intake valves, especially on GDI engines where previously, engine teardown was the only option.

Apply GDI IVD Intake Valve Cleaner with the engine running and at operating temperature.  The unique PermaStraw actuator locks into place, preventing the straw from being drawn into the air intake.  Remove the air filter cover and locate the MAF sensor between the air box and throttle body.  Have someone rev the engine to about 2000 rpms and, engage or lift the PermaStraw Dual-Action Spray System and insert past the MAF sensor.  It’s very important that you do not spray the product in front of the MAF sensor. This could cause the system to throw a code.

You may need to disassemble the air intake to spray the product past the MAF sensor. Again, with the engine running at 2000 rpms, spray the product into the air intake behind the MAF sensor, spraying continuously in 30-second intervals until the can is empty.  If necessary, accelerate slightly during the application to avoid stalling but don’t exceed 3500 rpms.  When the can is empty, accelerate the engine 2 to 3 times but no higher than 3500 rpms.  Run at idle for one minute and, then turn the engine off.

After application, reassemble the air intake system and let the engine “heat-soak” for an hour.  Restart the engine and drive at highway speeds for about 10 minutes.  Using CRC Intake Valve Cleaner will increase power and torque.  It stabilizes rough idle and solves rough starting problems.  It is highly effective for all gasoline engines and regular use will reduce emissions and improve fuel economy.